Piaval Company

A single brand, two souls, a century of experience.

In 1919, Francesco Piani established a small artisan workshop in Dolegnano, in the heart of the Italian chair triangle, specialized in the production of wooden chairs. Since then Piaval’s story consists of challenges and talent, quality and insight, tenacity and passion. Today it is an international brand grown up thanks to the commitment of 4 generations. A company that takes strength from the family, with a consolidated know-how that has its roots in the over 100 employees and in the territory. A reality that invests in technological innovation and collaborates with important international designers, to offer custom-made solutions for the Contract and Health and Care sectors.


Contempory elegance and tailored-made solutions

Design, comfort, versatility and functionality: these are the key values that characterise each Piaval’s collection, aimed to offer targeted solutions to the contract and hospitality industry.

Piaval products communicate their beauty through contemporary, linear forms. They are designed with considerable attention to quality and offer maximum durability, safety and robustness. In the development of each project, Architects and Interior designers find in Piaval a partner able to interpret any aesthetic and functional need and to translate it into customized solutions.


Health and Care

Innovation and well-being

Health and quality of life are two closely correlated factors. Decades of experience in the sector have made Piaval a reliable partner for developing healthcare furnishing supplies and projects – for public and private structures – around the world. Every product is the result of a constant focus on ergonomics and technological innovation. Piaval’s chairs facilitate movement, ensure the user an ideal support in all circumstances and the feeling of wellbeing. On the other hand, they respond to the needs of the workers called upon for support, helping them with manoeuvring and moving the user, facilitating their interaction during care and treatment, as well as making cleaning and tidying easier.


Seating with a high level of comfort

To be considered ergonomic, a product must meet various requirements: it should favour optimal dissipation of body weight and appropriate distribution of the load on the surface; it must be comfortable for its intended use, secure, pleasant to use, and highly functional. Piaval’s research is focused on satisfying these parameters at the highest standards. From studying the inclination curves to the padding, from the controls that regulate the movement of the seats to the coatings, each product is designed with the comfort and wellbeing of the individual in mind.


Focus on quality

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008_Piaval is certified in the standard focused on quality management, which attests to the adoption of accurate control systems at every stage, from design to production and customer care.

CATAS_the resistance, safety and durability of the products are tested by the largest Italian institute for certification, research and testing within the wood and furniture industry, a centre of excellence in Italy and around the world. Seats and backs, are subjected to 200,000 cycles of load tests.

ERGOCERT_35 models are certified by the ergonomics usability and research body that attests their conformity to the highest ergonomic and usability standards, demonstrating their safety and effectiveness. Piaval is among the first Italian chair companies to guarantee a “scientifically proven level of comfort.”

FSC®_considering wood as a precious resource, in 2010 Piaval obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®. On request, products can therefore be certified, as they are made using wood obtained exclusively from protected and controlled forest areas.

Environmental responsibility

A fundamental value

In every aspect of its business, Piaval is strongly committed to the environment and sustainable development. All products are made using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. No part of the wood is thrown away: the processing waste is turned into biomass which it is used to produce 100% of the heating. Using the thermal energy produced Piaval powers the drying process for the wood raw materials. A solar panel system produces clean energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Since 2007, the company has been using exclusively waterbased products or coatings selected for being strictly free from Phthalates and azo dyes. A philosophy that guarantees workers wellbeing in their daily work, and customers safe, nontoxic products.