Design Architect Matteo Thun.

The armchair Dafne, presented at Salone del Mobile 2019 marks the start of collaboration with architect Matteo Thun. It represents the synthesis of the fundamental aspects of contemporary hospitality: comfort, functionality, design and traditional craftsmanship.

“Above all Dafne stands for simplicity, for technical and aesthetic durability. The chair unifies comfort, functionality, lightness and traditional craftsmanship.”

Matteo Thun

In Dafne, the padded backrest and armrests define a single enveloping embrace, able to welcome and support the body offering maximum comfort. The profile of the armchair is interrupted by the opening of the backrest, which elegantly lightens its geometry and makes it easy to handle.

The soul of Dafne is a structure in solid wood, a material that Piaval works with a competence that is the result of an important artisan heritage, but using advanced industrial technologies to offer functionality, precision and robustness in every project.

A careful selection of coverings and finishes gives life to a customizable proposal, which follows the evolution of hospitality and contract. Dafne can find space in different types of social hubs always succeeding in its objective: to transfer harmony and intimacy to the rooms, improving the quality of life and the comfort of those who live them.