Design Studio Garcia Cumini.


The search for sober and contemporary elegance is the key to interpret the Pipe chair, that transcodes an object of ancient tradition, the pipe, a symbol of refinement, reflective attitude but also of a cultured and aggregating sociality and a capacity to taste life slowly, drawing satisfaction from what is beautiful.

A symbolism that the duo Garcìa Cumini recalls through the sinuous form of the project and the nobility of the material in which it is realized, the solid beech wood. The most immediate evocative reminder, however, is the ring that separates and joins the back leg of the seat to the element that rises to support the backrest. A sign of strong decorative and identity value that in Pipe also fulfils an important structural function and underlines a junction that is the result of bold technological research.

“Sometimes inspiration comes from a small detail around which a body takes shape – explains Cinzia Cumini. This was the case for Pipe. However, the whole project must be read as a link between the respect for the past and the tradition, and the innovation. Pipe exalts craftsmanship and manual skills in woodworking but at the same time it marks the achievement of new goals, made possible by the process of industrialization and the research that Piaval has opened up to investigate new boundaries of resistance and ductility of wood, a material that the company has been shaping for a century through an entirely internal processing cycle”

Pipe expresses a formal evolution also in the total absence of beams, a choice that gives the chair a great formal lightness and an apparent simplicity compensated by a technological device, hidden in the structure of the upholstered seat, which guarantees its solidity. Or again, in the essentiality of the backrest, which draws a soft curve and is at the same time comfortable, enveloping and resistant. Manifesto of a “slow design” that represents the design philosophy of the studio Garcìa Cumini, like a good pipe destined to last the whole life, Pipe is a cultured project of great formal coherence, expression of a sober and timeless elegance.

The chair is available in a refined range of wood types with contrasting joining rings. The seat is characterized by a skillful padding that promotes the correct dissipation of body weight and is covered in fabric or leather, according to a tailoring process that is distinguished by the culture of detail and quality of materials. Like all Piaval models, Pipe can be customized in an infinite number of combinations, to meet the specific requirements of the contract project.

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