Design Edi e Paolo Ciani.


Calibrated proportions and contemporary spirit are the common denominator of Fandango in the two-seater sofa, armchair and small armchair version. The simplicity of the shapes, rigorously linear and solid, is enriched by the quality of the materials and by the care for every detail. The result is a calibrated collection, characterized by flexibility and compositional versatility, which is perfectly placed in any contract environment.

The sofa, characterized by the dry line of the backrest, offers two generous seats made comfortable by the thick padding and the presence of large armrests, also padded. Design and comfort are consistently proposed in the armchair, declined with the same formal lightness and pleasant intimacy, and in the small armchair which, while playing on light proportions, is just as welcoming. A versatile pouff completes the Fandango collection: proposed in combination with armchair and sofa, it is slightly inclined, to give the legs a comfortable support and a well-deserved relief.

A distinctive hallmark shared throughout the collection is the high quality of the workings and materials. Sofas, armchair, small armchair and pouff are available in a wide range of upholstery and shades that enhance the versatility of the collection. Solid wood, a common thread of Piaval’s entire production, emerges from the exposed feet and forms the solid internal structure of every Fandango furniture.

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